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New Changes for 2020+

  New changes for 2020+, decided to divide my clothes into seasons, L-R, Winter, Fall, Spring, Summer. Summer only looks like a lot, 85% of summer are tshirts, some with logos. Not counting… Continue reading

Treating Myself

  Since I met my New Year’s Resolutions in 2019, I treated myself to a new Day Bag. How did I get the money? Since paying off bills I was left with after… Continue reading

First Celebration Anniversary 2020

Last New Year, I started a different type of New Resolution instead of the same old tired promises, such as “I’ll go to the gym 3 hours every day and lose 20 pounds… Continue reading

Christmas 2019

  I had my Xmas eve appetizers: Had a thin-crust mex pizza, brie with red peppers and celery crudites plus homemade salted caramel bark (reminds me of peanut clusters). The appetizers hit the… Continue reading

IBS and Rosacea Friendly Chili

Each Labor Day, my mom would make a huge canning kettle full of her signature chili, what we didn’t eat, she’d freeze and we’d have it throughout the year. When I had my… Continue reading

August Second New Moon Love Spell

  Last night’s New Moon, August 30 2019, was the second for August and called the Positive Change New Moon. Great for New Beginnings so in the magical world, will help aid in… Continue reading

Wonderful Dream: Moved to France

Had a wonderful dream last night. I had sold everything I owned and moved somewhere in France. I went through a rental brokerage, that found me a 600 sqft studio over a double… Continue reading

11 Weeks Keto and Pyramid Workouts

Today marks 11 weeks I started Keto and ramping up my dumbbell workouts and 2 weeks ago started pyramid dumbbell workouts. Measured my stats this morning and had a little bit of an… Continue reading

Dating at 50

Now that I’ve had a chance to catch my breath, I’ve been interested in dating again. Not sure where to look, I turned to personals sites, one well-known. I’d been a member for… Continue reading

Men: Do you get 38 grams of Fiber?

A few days ago I was looking into weight loss yet again. An article from the FDA and another from WebMD about fiber intake. Women need 25 grams per day and men need… Continue reading