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Study finds one-third of U.S. kids take vitamins

Pills But most children are already healthy and don’t need them, study suggests Spendy supplements The study’s lead author, Dr. Ulfat Shaikh, a pediatrician at the University of California-Davis Children’s Hospital in Sacramento,… Continue reading

Armor Against E. Coli: Fiber

Whole Wheat Bread Fiber is fab. You already eat it to stay regular and to feel fuller longer. Now there’s another reason: gut protection.  Bacteria Bound In a lab study, researchers exposed a… Continue reading

How can I eat less fat at a fast food restaurant?

Salad Since many fast food restaurants have adopted the “bigger is better” attitude, classic small, medium, and large sizes are no longer available. Great question on the American Diabetes Association webpage.   Now… Continue reading

Steal secrets from the world’s healthiest guys

Omega-3 Want to be happier, get in shape and have better sex? Try these strategies MSNBC posted a great slide viewer on where the healthiest men in the world live and how they… Continue reading

Constant Cravings

cornacopia of craving Here’s how to quickly and easily crush a craving for chocolate: Use your feet.  Literally. A walk worked wonders for a small group of chocoholics. When compared with a couch-potato… Continue reading

Veggie Tips For Haters

Vegetables Great advice from Web MD. Over the past six years, since my Kidney Transplant, I’ve learned to love all vegetables. It wasn’t always so, and my poor mom couldn’t ’sneak’ them into… Continue reading

Feeling rundown? You May need Magnesium

Magnesium If you’re feeling tired, achy, fatigued and weak, you may need more Magnesium in your diet. Magnesium supplementation may be indicated when a specific health problem or condition causes an excessive loss… Continue reading

Hard-wired to Overeat

Thanksgiving Dinner Overload Some people may simply be hard-wired to overeat, brain scans show. Brian Alexander on MSNBC health wrote about an interesting idea that many claim that gives answers. Some people’s brains… Continue reading

Low-carb, low-calorie Diet Tricks

Gazpacho When it comes to weight loss, some calories count more than others. In a yearlong study of overweight people on a reduced-calorie diet, those enjoying soup each day lost more weight than people… Continue reading

Obesity Epidemic Paralyzes Health Care Reform

Dollar Signs Health Insurance would rather pay for diabetes, heart and other symptoms of Obesity but not bariatric or obesity treatment. A sign of the times: Insurance companys would rather fork over payments… Continue reading