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Happy Humpday: Isolation

Standing alone in a vast sea.  Or Ocean, as it happens where I snapped this picture years ago along Washington’s Coast when I had joined a hiking group.  There is such a raw… Continue reading

Happy Humpday: Busy Days

Take at the Seattle waterfront’s Myrtle Edward’s Flower Garden a few years ago.  Tried getting some bees in the pictures but you know how they don’t like to cooperate. Been busy as a… Continue reading

Happy Humpday Pic: Doors and Windows

This is an alleyway in downtown Seattle, which the businesses creatively addressed the blank walls by painting doors and windows. You can see the trash bags ready to be picked up. What a… Continue reading

Happy Humpday: The Beauty Inside

Inside the Gretna, Nebraska Glass Church One of a series of shots I took of the inside of that Nebraska Glass Church I posted last week. The visual lines were amazing, the acoustics… Continue reading

Happy Humpday: Glass Church

  Took this years ago when I was living in Omaha, Nebraska.  This is a famous, widely known glass church in Gretna, Nebraska.  Visitors, photographers and churchophiles (is that a word?) visit nearly… Continue reading

Happy Humpday Pic: Keeping Time

Clock Tower at Museum of History and Industry, Seattle, WA on Lake Union.  In the background, are some historical boats that have been restored and saved from Seattle’s maritime history.  There are pleasure boats,… Continue reading

Humpday Pic: Seattle Flower Pot

    This is the famous Seattle Flower Pot. The sculpture, called “Urban Garden,” was designed by local artist Ginny Ruffner, a 27-foot tall flowerpot at the Sheraton Hotel near the corner of 7th Ave.… Continue reading

Happy Humpday Pic: Looking Up! Achieving resolution milestones.

This picture was taken from the inner courtyard of a building I lived in, my apartment the upper right open window.  There was a grand view of  Elliott Bay in Seattle Sound, I… Continue reading

Happy Humpday 3/6/2013

Saw this in a store window and thought the artist did a great job wit hit.  Very Alice-in-Wonderland meets Alice-in-Chains, lol. All seeing flower?  See the pom  poms at the tip of each… Continue reading

Happy Humpday Pic 2/27/2013 and annoying interruptions

I admit I don’t know where this came from or who took the picture or I would give credit. Whomever you are, you are genius! Writers are an odd lot.  We take what… Continue reading