Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

2017 was a year of big changes, from moving, divorce, settling in a new apartment and new town, plus writing and publishing two new books. The year started out stressful and heart-wrenching–a move across multiple counties 130 miles away, single-handedly unpacking a moving van (that took me two weeks to recover), not getting out of…… Continue reading Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

Hello 2016, Goodbye 2015

Before we say great big hello to 2016, we must bid goodbye to 2015. 2015 was a pretty good year here at chez ONeil. I published four ebooks, remade covers on four more, didn’t have any new surgeries or procedures and I got married! I updated the cover on the cookbook I published the year…… Continue reading Hello 2016, Goodbye 2015

Tech Tuesday: Compatible Microsoft Word Program

Ok fellow Smashwords writers, what word-compatible program have you found that uploads successfully? My MS Word corrupted 3 yrs ago and would not reload on my pc; the MS word online does not save in the correct format and ofc 365 charges to be used. Need a free download, word-compatible program that saves in the…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Compatible Microsoft Word Program

Resolutions 2014

Welcome to 2014 ladies and gentlemen. The past years have brought posts on eating healthy, exercising, joining new communities, starting new hobbies, making friends and so forth. Periodically, throughout the year, there have been posts reminding you about keeping on track with your resolutions.  No one responds, so I have no idea if you all…… Continue reading Resolutions 2014

Humpday Pic and Happy Thanksgiving

  Happy Pre-Thanksgiving from 2012!  This was taken at the 2009 Washington State Fair, their produce exhibit.  Imagine all that pumpkin pie those would make. This year has been quite a ride but aren’t they all? This year saw me republish my debut Novel, Aside of Murder, adding new characters and scenes.  I published…… Continue reading Humpday Pic and Happy Thanksgiving

Belated Borders

Absolutely stunning news.  Borders is closing, forever. Even if it is expected, as I’d been blogging about their financial troubles for hears across my different book blogs over the years. Frankly, i’m surprised they hung on this long. Borders has long been a favorite bookseller of mine.  Each city I moved to I would first…… Continue reading Belated Borders

‘Three Cups’ Update: More transparent than cling wrap

> By MATT VOLZ, Associated Press – Wed Apr 20, 7:13 pm ET HELENA, Mont. – The family friend of Greg Mortenson who has stepped in to run the Central Asia Institute while the “Three Cups of Tea” co-author is hospitalized promised Wednesday “full transparency” into how the charity’s finances are managed. Mortenson has been hospitalized in Bozeman and is awaiting…… Continue reading ‘Three Cups’ Update: More transparent than cling wrap

What a Web We Weave: Montana AG opens inquiry into ‘Three Cups’ charity

>Seems the trouble is just starting. By MATT VOLZ, Associated Press: Montana’s attorney general is scrutinizing the charity run by “Three Cups of Tea” co-author Greg Mortenson after reports questioned whether Mortenson benefited from money donated to build schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Attorney General Steve Bullock’s announcement Tuesday follows investigations by “60 Minutes” and…… Continue reading What a Web We Weave: Montana AG opens inquiry into ‘Three Cups’ charity

Borders to Pitch Skeptical Publishers

>From earlier in the month, stated At a meeting with publishers set for Wednesday morning, Borders Group will unveil its long-awaited restructuring plan, but unless it contains substantial new information, publishers are likely to remain skeptical about its chances for success. According to sources, Borders’s conduct since it has filed for Chapter 11 has only…… Continue reading Borders to Pitch Skeptical Publishers

Borders Leaves Publishers Unimpressed, Pushes for Better Terms

>Borders Leaves Publishers Unimpressed, Pushes for Better Terms As reported in PW Daily yesterday, Borders was facing a skeptical publisher audience Wednesday when it presented its reorganization plan and by most accounts publishers came away unimpressed. One publisher said the restructuring plan is “filled with very optimistic assumptions. Very.” The meetings with the creditors committee…… Continue reading Borders Leaves Publishers Unimpressed, Pushes for Better Terms