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Amazon Fire Stick and Mirroring

Bought the Amazon Fire Stick last Christmas, in the hopes of increasing what I can watch. Living on an island there isn’t any broadcast tv signals. The MeTV and IonTV signals fade in… Continue reading

Decoy Phone

With high-end smartphones costing upwards to $1,000+ these days, just whipping out your phone to check the time or jot down a note could cost you your life. Especially in medium and larger… Continue reading

Selling Tech

FOLLOW LINK TO BLOG POST! DO NOT COMMENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA, I WILL NOT SEE IT! Since moving to the San Juan Islands, I’ve laid low, eschewing anything flashy or expensive (save rent+util,… Continue reading

Updated Review for Asus Transformer T100HA

  Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Mocha left/Asus Transformer T100HA Aqua Blue right ***. . Update 3: Removing another star. After using a few months, I still stand by my original review. I’m… Continue reading

Asus Transformer Tablet Comparisons

This year I finally upgraded my Asus Transformer Tablet from the five year old TF101 (Mocha on the left)┬áto the T100HA (Aqua Blue on right). The TF101 being five years old, has old… Continue reading

Using Extra and Old Tech to Make Money

Since I have extra and old tech laying around, I’ve decided to use it to work for me. I”ve got some old tablets, new laptops and phones here and there. Instead of the… Continue reading

New Computer from Santa

Due to a not so secret santa I now have a new Dell computer. Both my old tablets for too old to use and could not be upgraded. the computer I was using… Continue reading

Reviving Old Tablets

I’m in need of a new workhorse computer! I’ve looked into trading on my two old convertibles and kindle but they are just too old for computer stores like Amazon tech, office depot,… Continue reading

Brick ONeil Product Review: Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8

Fire HD 8, 8″ HD Display The Fire HD 8 from Amazon has been in my hands for a few weeks now and I’ve used many of the features. Overall, Amazon did a… Continue reading

Replacing Old Technology

  Amazon’s new Fire HD 8 tablet has caught my eye! Especially the “Tangerine”, having longed for an orange phone, tablet or reader. My old technology, TC1100 that is around 10 years old,… Continue reading