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Blogs or Novels? Modern Juggling

I’ve been debating the past few weeks whether or not to give up some of the blogs I own in favor of the Novels i’m working on. Since I’m getting paid for neither… Continue reading

Ever Get Frustrated?

So, my book is free all this week, having participated in Smashwords free ebook promotion this week.  I’ve posted the freebie on facebook, twitter, linkedin, multiple times a day.  The problem?  No hits,… Continue reading

WOOHOO! Out of My Hands!

Thankfully, a friend’s husband is a tech person and has agreed to take a look at all these backend/behind-the-scenes stuff on all the blogs and websites.  Hopefully he can get google Adsense to… Continue reading


Does that sound like your behind-the-scenes administrative work for your website(s) or business? I’m not a tech-type person, so doing the html/coding/names and etc for pages and blogs is daunting. My health blog… Continue reading

Bookstores feeling pain from digital technologies

> by Rob Lever – Tue Feb 8, 2:10 am ET WASHINGTON (AFP) – Pundits might put a different spin on how and when it will happen but all see a struggle for survival by traditional booksellers thanks to… Continue reading