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Tech Tuesday: Lollipop 5.1 Update

  New features and updates to those getting the bump: Android 5.1 – an update to Lollipop that improves stability and performance and offers a few new features like support for multiple SIM… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Blackberry Leap and Curve

Bless Blackberry’s corporate heart. ¬†They certainly aren’t going down without a fight these days. Long wanting to recapture their youth, they have put forth a plethora of new smartphones in every budget and… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: When Technology Listens Back

More and more each day we learn some new piece of technology is either listening or watching us back. Technology manufacturers are blamed for some virus, bug or spyware that looks as if… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: ARRI Alexa Mini

Any budding cinematographers out there will certainly drool over this mini-production camera from Arri. You know that has brought you mini projection cameras for smartphones that you can use for mini movies,… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Tablet PC Uses

  My first Tablet PC, as you well know, was the HP Compaq TC1100 convertible tablet computer, the second generation. I bought it refurbished in 2007 and it still works to this day,… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Scarcity of Humans   Well, it’s getting closer and closer! Humans out of any type of service, health or food worker jobs. Machines are getting cheaper, faster and don’t complain about hazards, health care or… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Microsoft Office for Android

Did you see the article posted over last weekend? Microsoft is relenting on Android devices running Office! There is a catch, naturally: Microsoft Office is only for those Android devices running KitKat 4.4… Continue reading

Windows 10 FREE*

Listen up folks, Microsoft is cracking their cold, hard, coal-like little hearts and letting limited customers upgrade to Windows 10 FREE! Kicking off the consumer-focused Windows 10 event in Redmond on Tuesday, Microsoft… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: 3D CT Revolution CT

Introducing Revolution* CT The ability to explore inside the human body non-invasively is a modern day miracle. A miracle made possible for millions of people through work performed by CT imaging professionals and… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: The Nokia 215 $29 Phone

Long have I been a fan of Nokia’s cell phones, since my first Nokia, the 151, then years later, the 9500 and 7380 (I’m still waiting for the Nokia Morph, guys). Not a… Continue reading