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Tech Tuesday: The Nokia 215 $29 Phone

Long have I been a fan of Nokia’s cell phones, since my first Nokia, the 151, then years later, the 9500 and 7380 (I’m still waiting for the Nokia Morph, guys). Not a… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Setting Up

The past five days my household has been refurnishing the apartment. We exchanged my furniture for what was in storage and there is a new 8′ desk, an L-shaped couch setting and a… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Cicret Bracelet Computer

Saw this amazing concept computer over the weekend across several tech news apps and knew I had to show it to you on my Tech Tuesday post. But first, a sly update with… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Favorite Technology

This past year we’ve seen a lot of new technology, so much so that keeping track has been difficult. There have been 3D printers, new casts for broken limbs even creating new organs… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: 75 awesome apps via Google

Originally posted on BGR:
It’s December, which means that it’s also time for everyone to start making their year-end lists of all the best things that came out in 2014. Google has gotten…

Tech Tuesday: Ars reviews the BlackBerry Passport, the corporate tool A few months ago, I brought this to your attention as a decidedly different type of smartphone. The BlackBerry Passport is big, bulky with a smushed keyboard.¬† And I want one! As… Continue reading

Healthy Thursday: 3D Printed Liver

Imagine printing an organ for patients who experience organ failure! They aren’t there yet, but this is promising news. “California-based biotech firm Organovo (ONVO) is set to begin selling 3-D-printed liver tissue by… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Fooling Big Brother

Absolutely no one enjoys getting tracked across the internet. We just want to catch up with friends, share meals-music-pictures, play games, read news and events, maybe shop for clothes, new tech toys and… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Palm Reading Every company, from banks, computer makers, hospitals, corporations are looking for new ways for data security. ¬†They have tried numerous password combinations, finger print security scanners, eye/retinal scanners and now palm scanners,… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Carvey 3D Carver

\ Home and Office 3D printers are coming out of the woodwork, that you can now carve, thanks to Carver’s 3D Carver! A new kickstarter campaign to bring a 3D carver that works… Continue reading