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Tech Tuesday: Win 10 Snagged 10 Million People

  From according to Microsoft, its Windows Insider Program hit one million registrants over the weekend, giving a lot of potential users access to the latest build of its next-gen operating system.… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Google Glass Captioning

Georgia Tech researchers have come up with an app that turns Google Glass into a real-time closed-captioning display for the hearing-impaired, using the voice recognition in the user’s Glass-paired smartphone. Now this is… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Windows 9….10

From the Verge Live Coverage “We’re delivering one application platform.” You’ll get rid of XP, dammit! “One store, one way for applications to be discovered, purchased, and updated across all of these devices.”… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: 3D Print at UPS

Need a part putting together that Ikea chair? Is your favorite shirt or coat missing some buttons? How about a personalized cover for your smartphone?  Never fear, you can now print anything you… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: More Windows 9 Leaks

WinFuture says that Cortana for Windows 9 will offer support for reminders, including location, time and people information, and that it is also likely to be included in the default Bing search application. The… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Lung Cancer Breathalyzer

For doctors, catching lung cancer can be tricky even on a good day. That’s why a new study presented in front of the European Respiratory Society in Munich today seems so titillating: you… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Untechnical

Ah, technology. We have the internet and billions upon billions of websites to create, peruse, read, sell and buy. Over the 4-day Labor Day weekend I had the idea to put my physical… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Windows 9.0 Threshold

Oops! Microsoft did it again! Did they create another abysmal operating system? 2000? 2005? vista? RT? Metro?/8.0? 8.1? They just never seem to learn. XP is still popular, but M$ isn’t earning money… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Rebranding Internet Explorer

  Apparently there was a discussion over in Redmond on the Microsoft campus on how to revive the old Internet Explorer web browser. According to BGR , the most bandied about idea was to… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Changing Email

Ah Google-the ubiquitous ‘everything-everywhere-allthetime’ ecosystem/software/OS, everything-to-everybody. When they first came out people thought that Google was the answer to everything.  Instant email account that was free, easy to set up, easy to add… Continue reading