First Celebration Anniversary 2020

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Last New Year, I started a different type of New Resolution instead of the same old tired promises, such as “I’ll go to the gym 3 hours every day and lose 20 pounds this year!” or the popular, “I’ll stop drinking/eating…” which always  works (no, not really). Or some such other impossible task. Then by March,  we’ll flog ourselves for our failures and return to old habits that are bad for us. I made a conscious decision to try a different type of resolution, one that works on my mind, body, emotions, spirit and soul. Here’s what my basic resolutions were last year (read the full page

  1. Self-Acceptance.
  2. Enjoy Life.
  3. Do Something New.
  4. Make Goals.
  5. Finally, Love Yourself.

Guess what? 2019 was one of the best years of my life! Instead of focusing on narrow confines of what I thought happiness was, I concentrated on my mind. I lost weight, got ahold of my finances, my outlook was brighter, life was better. Was it perfect? No, I constantly forgave  myself for small infractions. This only took me 50 years to figure out.

2020 starts a whole new decade for everyone, myself included. I’ll turn 51 this year, starting a whole new decade for me, personally. My new goal is to move back to Seattle to be closer to the hospitals and clinics. As I’m getting older, I need more healthcare (thankfully Washington State has the best healthcare coverage in the United States). I still need a biopsy on the kidney transplant, another abdominal hernia repair, plus the ‘age 50’ tests any man needs. I’m still saving for movers for the 135 mile move, from Island to City–one I’m looking forward to.

Having said all that, I’ll be continuing my new years resolutions from last year: Forgiving, Growing, Learning and Loving.

Happy 2020 Everyone!

Kidney Transplant is Sweet 16

My Kidney transplant hits Sweet 16 today!

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The kidney may be pitted, scarred and have a tumor but still going strong!

Solice Speaker

SOLICE Bluetooth Speakers- TWS Portable Durable Wireless Speakers,Hi-Fi Sound and Rich Bass,IPX6 Waterproof Outdoor Speaker,18 Hour Play-time,Built-in Mic,AUX/SD Input,Enjoy Party,Camping (Black)


The Solice Speaker fits perfectly in your hand, has a carabiner clip to attach to most anything to take with you on the go. I immediately plugged in the charger but didn’t see an indicator. There is a blue light at the back, that wasn’t explained in the one page instructions. I left the speaker plugged in overnight to ensure it was charged. There are six raised icons on top of the speaker, the universal ‘on’ button at the immediate left. It took me longer than I’m willing to admit how much time it took too realize it needed a long, hard press to turn on. I thought it would be a one quick press. There is a sound indicator that the speaker is turn on.

Next is to turn on the bluetooth from which you are playing music or video from. I used my Note 8 and the speaker showed up immediately in the choices listed. Next I clicked You Tube and chose my list of 80s pop, turning the volume up. I’m nearly deaf and have to use the loudest setting and the speaker was equal to the challenge. The bass is good enough that the speaker began bouncing across the bar table and had to put it on a towel to stop it from bouncing right off the edge.

Since i’m hearing impaired, I do not use calling on my phone, so could not test the Mute button, but did test the stop/go function which did stop the music on my phone. There is a plus and minus button, that I thought was for the volume control. It is to go to the next or previous song, instead. last there is a repeat function which I did not test.

Overall, I was impressed with the Solice Speaker, there were a few initial miscalculations on my part that I felt could have been better explained in the one page instructions, but not overwhelming enough to not use. The 3 hours battery life is spot on at full volume and at 60% would give a much longer playing time. Depending on your needs, the speaker is a great option for party or personal use. You can purchase two and use both simultaneously for a stereo version.


Claim Code: 2EJ9CIJH
Price before: 29.98
Price after: 17.98
Percent off: 40%
Start date:2019-1-15 05:00 PST
End date:2019-3-15 23:59 PST


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Last night was a night of Dreams. Interpretations and thoughts welcome.

I found myself on a large yacht, with floor to ceiling windows surrounding an open floor plan, out the windows the waves were choppy dark blue against a gray-black sky. The floor was some dark, black wood with seamless planks. A man was standing against the far window, I walked towards him and he turned when I was just feet from him. He was wearing a bespoke dark charcoal suit with a light gray dress shirt with a black silk tie. He was missing his eyes, his eyelids wrinkled and drawn. He spoke in with a smoky voice:

“You loved him. You need to see him. I’ve paid your $800 fare for you. Hand him this.” He shoved a piece of paper at me.

He turned around to face the waves and everything was gone. I opened my eyes and I was standing in someone’s backyard, Josh was standing and staring at me. He was wearing old, weathered jeans, a dark gray tshirt and a wide brimmed hat. The back of the house was a one-story, modest home and I knew it was his U-Shaped house with a central courtyard.

Josh was stunned to see me, he began: “I did love you, boo. How did you get here? I fell asleep, the guy said he paid my $500 fare and I was here, at home.”

I was stunned, unable to say anything at first. “There was a guy, he was blind, he paid my fare. He gave me this to give you.” I shoved the paper at Josh, he took a glance, upset.

“You need to go back, boo. It’s not your time.”

I startled awake, unsure of what just happened. I think I met Charon and he paid our fares.


Second Dream

Dark cherry wood walls and furniture surrounded me, a dark oak floor complimented the quite masculine aura of oversized dark brown leather furniture, cherry wood tables of various sized held statues, lamps and so on. The ceiling was painted a dark cream, with lighting that hugged the ceiling. I was standing in a hallway in the living area, with a dining area behind me in a turret room. I looked at the center of the room where a dark cream colored leather and microfiber couch caught my attention. Crawling out from underneath were two adult cats. One white with cream and gray highlights, another, black. They casually walked towards me, I ruffled their heads and the headed off somewhere.

Something caught my attention on a dark walnut bookshelf on the opposite wall. I walked over and saw four tiny white and cream kittens on the right side, about the size of my palm, on a nest of cashmere mufflers and scarves. One was lumped a bit higher, so I placed them asde. Underneath was a miniature kitten, no bigger than my thumb. I gently poked him with my index finger and he took hold as I brought my hand up to my face. He yawned, licked my finger and held on as I walked away somewhere. The other four went back to sleep. In an anteroom off the living area, was a handful of young cats gamboling and playing together.

I guess I’m yours, I told the miniature kitten and he yawned again.


Two Types of Alport Syndrome

#AlportSyndrome has two types: Juvenile and Adult Onset. Juvenile can be from birth to about age 30.
Adult Onset can be from about age 40 and up.

Both lead to ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) or Kidney Failure, which means dialysis and Transplant.

Boys and Men are more affected with ESRD from Alport Syndrome than women. Women are more carriers of the gene than men.

March is My Birthday Month!

March is my Birthday Month! I’ll be 49 on March 12, a milestone I’m quite proud of, because twenty years ago, I learned my Kidney’s were failing due to Alport Syndrome, as described in my book on the link. My Kidneys would fail two years later, in June 2001 and I would receive a transplant two years later in August 2003.

Having the past twenty years of Birthdays have been quite an experience, each year brings something new. I’ve lived in Nebraska, Texas and Washington State, I’ve had three serious relationships and cherished each one. I’ve experienced love and loss. I’ve had a transplant, heart surgery, seizures and lived.  I live with Major Depressive Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Season Affective Disorder to the best of my ability. I’m proud of what I have lived through.

I’ve written 15 books in multiple genres–mystery, mythology, children’s, cozy, gay, biography. I have more to write, I just need to deal with the mental health issues so I can write, which isn’t always easy.

I’ve experienced so much, even marriage! I had no idea that gay marriage would be legal in the United States in my lifetime. Our marriage didn’t work out, sadly and my ex-husband passed away in January 2018, as you know, if you’ve been watching my blog and social media accounts. I took his death quite hard and I sought comfort in food. I gained six pounds back but now I’m going to return to my exercise and healthy eating routines again. My goal is still to lose 15 (now 20) pounds and get down or close to 145 by the end of this year. Safe and sound weight loss for this middleager!

Life has it’s ups and downs, we go with the flow, making the best out of what is thrown at us.