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Happy Thanksgiving! Free Ebook!

Happy Thanksgiving 2017! Roast your Turkey (using my French Country Chicken recipe or not) bake that Green Bean Casserole (using my low-carb version or not) and blissfully inhale that pumpkin pie, then unzip… Continue reading


INTRODUCING MY 5TH NOVEL AND 15TH BOOK, BLUE MOOR FREE–ONE DAY ONLY on Smashwords (download any format!) on Thanksgiving, November 23, 2017 Dylan Walker is drawn to the forbidden Wolf Lodge in… Continue reading

Open Letter to President Obama: Education, Employment, Health and Welfare

Source: Open Letter to President Obama: Education, Employment, Health and Welfare

How To Help Earthquake, Hurricane and Tsunami Victims

Posting the Twitter responses I posted about how to help your fellow man during/after natural and manmade disasters: Remember everyone, #America comprises of #Canada #UnitedStates #Mexico #WestIndies and #Greenland. #AllAmericaAllIn We help ALL… Continue reading

Rose Petal Wine Murder Mysteries

Source: Rose Petal Wine Murder Mysteries

Offering to Write a Blog Post

Offering to write a 100 word Blog Post for $25 per week! Will include pictures and/or video for a company, product, theme or business, on my website or yours. Post goes out to… Continue reading

Free EBooks For Pride 2017

For Pride 21017, I’ve decided to mark both my gay-themed ebooks free to celebrate how far Gay Pride has influenced politics, society, self-expression and love. The discounts are available on Smashwords only (available… Continue reading

Moving gofundme

Please check out and donate to my gofundme account. I’m divorcing, moving and looking forward to a new life.  

Sorry no free ebook lists past 2 weeks

Just got over a two week flu then came down with Bells Palsy, so I’ve been feeling pretty miserable this year so far.  Hoping the symptoms get better after I start the meds… Continue reading

Boots & Bobcat

BOOTS AND BOBCAT Two senior neutered boys, left is Boots, 10 and right is Bobcat, 11, cuddling and sleeping as they like to do, after one of they days of playing. They are… Continue reading