How To Help Earthquake, Hurricane and Tsunami Victims

Posting the Twitter responses I posted about how to help your fellow man during/after natural and manmade disasters: Remember everyone, #America comprises of #Canada #UnitedStates #Mexico #WestIndies and #Greenland. #AllAmericaAllIn We help ALL Americans! Donate to @Shelterboxusa to get needed supplies to #PuertoRico #Houston #Oaxaca #Mexico & Track your Donation. #AllAmericansAllIn (see the fundraisers I approve … Continue reading How To Help Earthquake, Hurricane and Tsunami Victims

Offering to Write a Blog Post

Offering to write a 100 word Blog Post for $25 per week! Will include pictures and/or video for a company, product, theme or business, on my website or yours. Post goes out to social media. Pay via paypal. See my linkedin profile for my work,

Free EBooks For Pride 2017

For Pride 21017, I've decided to mark both my gay-themed ebooks free to celebrate how far Gay Pride has influenced politics, society, self-expression and love. The discounts are available on Smashwords only (available in every format), so click the ebooks' links and go read! Please share to everyone! For Never Trust The Moon use free … Continue reading Free EBooks For Pride 2017

Sorry no free ebook lists past 2 weeks

Just got over a two week flu then came down with Bells Palsy, so I've been feeling pretty miserable this year so far.  Hoping the symptoms get better after I start the meds this week, but half my face is droopy and one eye won't close, causing dry eye. Send good thoughts.