Gorgeous, Modern Console Table

COMMENT ON THE WEBPAGE, PLEASE! CLICK THE IMAGE! Another big sale item on Amazon! I’ve had my eyes on this for years and this one was on sale for 27% off the normal price, so I snagged this up. I was wanting the metal four poster bed, but that price went up. With sales, you’ve…… Continue reading Gorgeous, Modern Console Table

Update September 2015: New Books, No Social Media, Etiquette

  Added two more books to write to my repertoire, two firsts-a science fiction novel and a children’s book! Very excited about these new projects. Also, recently, I’ve had people contacting me blind then get offended when I asked for particulars. Basic etiquette is introduce yourself first, reason for contacting and thanking. This is just…… Continue reading Update September 2015: New Books, No Social Media, Etiquette

Happy Five Year Anniversary on WordPress!

Just got this nifty little image, it’s the five year anniversary for http://brickoneil.com! Hopefully I’ve brought you news, information and a smattering of personal news to keep you entertained.  I started out blogging for other networks, now defunct, for five or six years prior. After I got stiffed a grand, I decided to just write…… Continue reading Happy Five Year Anniversary on WordPress!

7 Days Until the Wedding

BF changed his mind about the minister and hired a different one, “The Elopement Minister”. Apparently a ceremony that is twenty minutes or under is called an elopement and a ceremony is over twenty, up to an hour.  I cannot imagine. We both just want it done. This minister is giving us homework, lol. Questions…… Continue reading 7 Days Until the Wedding

People Are Selfish

Over the years I’ve tried starting Fundraisers for various foundations, organizations, disasters and those in need. I’m poor myself, being on Social Security for the past fifteen years or so, so I’m aware of how much even a little bit can help in dire straights. I’ve donated whatever amounts I can afford. No, my books…… Continue reading People Are Selfish

Help a Family from the Nepal Earthquake

brickoneil.com, Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbooks and Rose Petal Wine Murder Mysteries are raising $1000 to get a ShelterBox to a ‪#‎NepalEarthquake‬ family in need. Safe, secure donation, Shelterbox includes tent, cooking stove, utensils and more http://www.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=1079124&supId=422509058&extSiteType=1 When a disaster occurs, we watch the news and wish we could help. We CAN help! About every two…… Continue reading Help a Family from the Nepal Earthquake

What is popular in social media?

I performed a basic experiment on the popularity of social media websites by creating two different accounts on tumblr. I long wondered why my website and this blog still wasn’t getting visits, likes, shares like other sites. I did all the same things, covered a variety of interesting, relevant, current topics, like book reviews, technology,…… Continue reading What is popular in social media?

Tech Tuesday: Project Spartan

Microsoft had to do something, because Internet Explorer became synonymous with old, broken, buggy and slow. They pushed out Netscape way back when, the uber-browser in the 90s, now they themselves got pushed out with newer, younger, prettier, popular browsers like chrome, firefox and a myriad of others like dolphin, opera, sail to name but…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Project Spartan

Wertfrei Wednesday: Happy Anniversary to Me

WordPress just notified me that I registered four years ago today for this blog. Over the years it’s been through a few transformations, starting off as a writing blog, then covering past subjects from different networks I had previously belonged, finally changing to being a base for all my books, writing and ‘happenings’, plus keeping…… Continue reading Wertfrei Wednesday: Happy Anniversary to Me

Updates for July 2013

Time has just snuck by recently!  It’s already mid-July and btw, how are those Resolutions you made 6 months ago coming along?  I’m still working out, cooking and living healthy!  I’ve published two books this year, the short autobiography and the second cookbook, as you well know. I had added two more daily blog posts…… Continue reading Updates for July 2013