Exaltations and Lamentations

  We find ourselves with a new President of the United States, for better or for worse. I debated on writing about it or just leaving it be. With such vitriol during the past two  years and the promises of the Republican candidates to roll back LGBT rights and protections, I thought to give some…… Continue reading Exaltations and Lamentations

Happy 47th Birthday To Me

Celebrating my 47th Birthday today and I am so grateful. I’ve spent the past 13 years living on borrowed time after the kidney transplant in 2003. The years have sped by, I’ve lived in different cities, met met a lot of people over time. My health has changed, I’ve survived more surgeries, I’ve slowed down…… Continue reading Happy 47th Birthday To Me

Unconditional Positive Regard Therapy and WWJH?

Since this is a big election year, I’ve been seeing so much Christian Love spouted through mouths that Jesus himself would be aghast about. The Christian Conservative Religious Right and their ever-loving followers have been sighted on social media, true-to-form, bashing and hating on everything from gay marriage, planned parenthood, immigrants who are entering the…… Continue reading Unconditional Positive Regard Therapy and WWJH?

Facebook Fasting

Sometimes one needs to step back and reassess how they spend their time. Recently I came to the conclusion I could not continue on some social media sites, such as Facebook and Google Plus. Due to the upcoming elections, posts and comments are so vitriolic as to cause me to wonder just who these people…… Continue reading Facebook Fasting

Independence Day July 4th 2015

Happy July 4th, America! With so much to be thankful for, I”m wishing you a safe Independence Day.  Enjoy your grilled hotdogs (well done, please, with sauerkraut and mustard), hamburgers (medium extra pickles), cold salads of every kind. Play some volleyball, lawn darts, croquet, hide & seek. Put on some sunscreen, wear your hats, stay…… Continue reading Independence Day July 4th 2015


Supreme Court of the United States, June 26, 2015 I almost feel sorry for Christian Conservatives this week, afterall, they lost the Affordable Care Act, Equal Housing Law, Equal Marriage Law and have to remove Confederate Flags from Government Buildings. Almost feel sorry-they’re still sore losers, threatening everything from self-immolation to treason. Yesterday I learned you…… Continue reading CONGRATULATIONS #LOVEWINS #MarriageEquality

Getting Some R&R

from www.solidgroundbookclub.blogspot.com We’re getting back on track now that the wedding is over and we’ve had a few days to rest and relax from all that planning, calling, emailing, fun, stress and on and on. We slept and slept and slept, getting up for my double dark roast coffee, finishing off the reception food and digging…… Continue reading Getting Some R&R

Wertfrei Wednesday: Cops Are People Too

I can’t imagine a job more frustrating than that of a Police Officer. You start off with all these ideals of what an Officer is or should be, you go through school, then training and graduate. Your first job may not be ideal, “paying your dues”, in high crime areas or high degree of offenses…… Continue reading Wertfrei Wednesday: Cops Are People Too

Wertfrei Wednesday: Downside of Independent Writing

When someone wants to write a book, they almost always dream of big publishing houses, big advances and big crowds awash with anticipation at their book openings.  After a few months of research, reality comes crashing down on their poor little heads. The reality is, big publishing houses really only want you after you’re a big…… Continue reading Wertfrei Wednesday: Downside of Independent Writing