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Wertfrei Wednesday: Taking stock

It’s December 3rd, folks, exactly four weeks left in 2014.  Remember back on January 1st with all those well-intentioned New Years Resolutions? Did you do quarterly checks against that list you made? There… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: Special Thanksgiving Post

Instead of posting yet another social commentary about Ferguson, Police, Citizens, the Law or anything similar, I thought I’d post the SImple Healthy Fresh Low-Carb Green Bean Casserole again. This recipe has been… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: Sense of Purpose, Discipline and Teamwork

In today’s times, what I think is missing is a sense of Sense of Purpose, Discipline and Teamwork.  How does one obtain these? Hard work, determination and working with a group of diverse people.… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: Congratulations, Voters!

Congratulations, Voters! You read the initiatives, carefully weighed who was running for what office, weighed pros, cons and voted! Now we all live with the consequences of the ballots. Congratulations to the politicians… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: Vote! Your right to bitch.

My Mom worked as the computer operator for the county courthouse in a small town years ago. She also was involved in helping nursing home residents vote, by taking voting machines (the punch… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: Would I have Listened?

  Would I Have Listened? Giving Counsel to an Earlier Me Brick ONeil, Original Publisher Yahoo Contributor Network GOING BACK IN TIME If it were possible and I could go back in time to… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: Dreams

Every now and then I have a dream so detailed, I actually remember them the next day. Some go on forever, some are bizarre and some are surreal.  Here are a few: Had… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: Gay Marriage Rulings

What a year 2014 has been for Gay Marriage. Total number of states that allow Gay Marriage stands at 30! While the United States Supreme Court has not ruled a nationwide law allowing… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: Cancer Equality

From Cancer Services As we all know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and has succeeded at bringing attention to breast cancer.  There have been many advancements towards studying, researching breast cancer.… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: Population Density

Population density is a term that expresses how crowded (or uncrowded) a particular piece of land is. Governments keep track of population density so that the people in charge have an idea of… Continue reading