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Healthy Thursday: Knowing When to Move On

Helping others can be a worthwhile and altruistic philanthropy.  Getting that good buzz of seeing someone succeed, eat a meal or enjoying a clean beach somewhere.  Then, sometimes helping others can drain your… Continue reading

Happy Humpday: Glass Church

  Took this years ago when I was living in Omaha, Nebraska.  This is a famous, widely known glass church in Gretna, Nebraska.  Visitors, photographers and churchophiles (is that a word?) visit nearly… Continue reading

Repost: Open Letter to President Obama and his Response

To:  President Barack Obama, United States, Greetings from Seattle, Washington, Mr. President, everyone.  This winter of ’10-’11, long, bleak and dreary, weighs heavily on the Nation. It is apropos for the country’s… Continue reading

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope your 2012 was happy and successful and may your 2013 be intriguing and peaceful. Love the rainbow fireworks celebrating Marriage Equality in Washington State last year.  It’s about… Continue reading

Humpday Pic and Happy Thanksgiving

  Happy Pre-Thanksgiving from 2012!  This was taken at the 2009 Washington State Fair, their produce exhibit.  Imagine all that pumpkin pie those would make. This year has been quite a ride… Continue reading

The Cookbook is here: Simple, Healthy, Fresh 1.0

Simple, Healthy, Fresh 1.0 by Brick ONeil The long-awaited and much requested cookbook is here, finally! After two years of people requesting me to write one, I got on the ball this… Continue reading

Q: How to get 1% of the population to buy my books?

Had a revelation today: There are over 311M people in the U.S. All I need is 1% of them to buy my Novel, short story compilation and forthcoming cookbook 🙂 Now to generate… Continue reading

“Unrelated: A Selection of Short Stories” made it to Smashwords’ Premium catalog!

“Unrelated: A Selection of Short Stories” made it to Smashwords’ Premium catalog! The collection has been submitted to Amazon’s KDP catalog, along with the revised edition of “Aside of Murder”.  So those of… Continue reading

Does Social Networking Work for Marketing?

I’m on #facebook#linkedin #tumblr #digg #reddit #G+#stumbleupon #klout #twitter and have never had great referrals for sales or blogs or books. I’ve always heard “you have to share, comment, re[tweet, retumble, etc], get involved.”  I’ve done that, going on five years… Continue reading


Aside of murder: a modern gritty 50’s noir Seattle, wa, July 10, 2012:  Aside of Murder has been called “a modern day 30s and 50’s Noir”, a gritty crime novel that “paints the… Continue reading