Never Trust The Moon


Cole Harris has never had a Mate in all his years as a Wolf under Alpha Joe Ballard where he works construction as one of four Beta Wolves. Codi Wilson has been running from a rival Alpha Wolf and his Betas the past year for doing research and writing he can’t remember. Are there other reasons Cole should protect Codi?

My first Paranormal MM Wolf Novel written after continually stating I would never write a paranormal, wolf or vampire book. The idea for this novel came to me in a four-night dream. I had been binge reading Vampire, Wolf and Paranormal books by Elizabeth Hunter, Isabel Dare, J. Ashburn, Talon P.S., Blane Thomas, Shannon West among others. I felt if, after four nights of dreaming this book, I had better write it down. So I wrote the skeleton of the book in 18 hours, 14k words, then fleshed it out in two and a half more weeks. Here is the result, hope you enjoy.

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