Tech Tuesday Pay-Per-Gaze

While eye-tracking technology is certainly not new, both Google and Microsoft have taken the next evolutionary step in invasive marketing techniques.  Both behemoths are using their hardware to track where your eyes are going in advertisements! Years ago, when I was a young lad of twenty-something, I took part in one of those Mall Marketing…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday Pay-Per-Gaze

Blogs or Novels? Modern Juggling

I’ve been debating the past few weeks whether or not to give up some of the blogs I own in favor of the Novels i’m working on. Since I’m getting paid for neither one, it’s a 50-50 decision.  I enjoy all of them, but I dont enjoy researching and writing 16 hours a day, nonstop,…… Continue reading Blogs or Novels? Modern Juggling

Social Media is a Fickle Thing

Online Social Media is touted as the ‘end-all-be-all’ for small businesses, writers and authors.  We’re supposed to join twitter, facebook, linkedin and hundreds of other outlets in order to gain hundreds of thousands of buyers in a short amount of time. Or the self-advertising media monsters inform us. Seems to me, the most aggressive followers…… Continue reading Social Media is a Fickle Thing