Wertfrei Wednesday: Downside of Independent Writing

When someone wants to write a book, they almost always dream of big publishing houses, big advances and big crowds awash with anticipation at their book openings.  After a few months of research, reality comes crashing down on their poor little heads. The reality is, big publishing houses really only want you after you’re a big…… Continue reading Wertfrei Wednesday: Downside of Independent Writing

Busy Days Inside and Out

Life has been so busy this Winter and Spring, I really have been neglecting the Monday Book Reviews and Tech Tuesdays, I had altogether stopped Happy Humpday posts and Healthy Thursdays but have been really trying to keep the Friday Top Ten EBook lists for you readers, all 10 of you. If you’ve read my…… Continue reading Busy Days Inside and Out

Does Social Networking Work for Marketing?

I’m on #facebook#linkedin #tumblr #digg #reddit #G+#stumbleupon #klout #twitter and have never had great referrals for sales or blogs or books. I’ve always heard “you have to share, comment, re[tweet, retumble, etc], get involved.”  I’ve done that, going on five years on some accounts and my ‘numbers’ have never been ‘out of the park’.  If anything, all my involvement has gone largely unnoticed.…… Continue reading Does Social Networking Work for Marketing?

Where are all the “Opportunities”?

Hundreds of thousands of people are now hanging out their shingle proclaiming themselves ‘Freelance Writers” these days.  I’ve been a Writer for ten years now.  I’ve accomplished quite a bit in a number of different areas.  I’ve finished a Novel, I’ve been a researcher online, i’ve done copywriting, i’ve written for clients in the fields…… Continue reading Where are all the “Opportunities”?

Advertising and Marketing Yourself and Your Business

I remember way back as an undergraduate when I was picking a Major.  I thought about taking some business classes, advertising and marketing but realized I wasn’t really that interested.  It all looked so boring. So, here I am, trying to make a go at my writing business and discovering I need to wear so…… Continue reading Advertising and Marketing Yourself and Your Business