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Healthy Thursday: Diabetes Weight Loss Drug

Novo Nordisk’s big-selling diabetes drug Victoza appears to be an effective weight loss therapy, data from a late-stage clinical trial presented on Saturday demonstrated. In the 56-week study of 846 overweight or obese… Continue reading

Healthy Thursday: Diabetes and Heart Risk

It’s no secret that diabetes type-2 leads to all sorts of heart health related issues.  You’ve seen the articles the graphs, the tables, the grotesque pictures, all to scare you into a healthier… Continue reading

Monday Book Review: Diabetic Cooking

Diabetic Cooking 3 Books in 1: Snacks, Main Dishes, Desserts From the Book Description: Get three diabetic cookbooks for the price of one. The Diabetic Cooking 3 Books in 1: Snacks, Main Dishes, Desserts is… Continue reading

How can I eat less fat at a fast food restaurant?

Salad Since many fast food restaurants have adopted the “bigger is better” attitude, classic small, medium, and large sizes are no longer available. Great question on the American Diabetes Association webpage.   Now… Continue reading