Inspection Over, Busy Life Continues

Apartment Inspection is over, this is the corner of the living area in the apartment with the window to the kitchen in the right and my office chair in the bottom left. This is pretty standard for Seattle Washington low-income affordable-income apartments. The shit-brown indoor/outdoor carpeting, the sloppy tape and paint job on the dry wall…… Continue reading Inspection Over, Busy Life Continues

Getting Some R&R

from We’re getting back on track now that the wedding is over and we’ve had a few days to rest and relax from all that planning, calling, emailing, fun, stress and on and on. We slept and slept and slept, getting up for my double dark roast coffee, finishing off the reception food and digging…… Continue reading Getting Some R&R

Three Days Until the Wedding and Apartment Inspection Done

The apartment inspection is done, manager, maintenance and city inspector just left. The inspector found some minor things but nothing to get upset over. He did ask why the stove fan didn’t work and I said we couldn’t afford to get it fixed. Manager said ‘oh you don’t pay for that’, which was  a direct…… Continue reading Three Days Until the Wedding and Apartment Inspection Done

Four Days Until the Wedding & Apartment Inspection

Four days until the big “I DO’s”!  We’re both still excited and not really nervous yet.  BF said he totally understands Bridezillas now.  He’s been calling and dealing with all the preparations because I can’t hear on phones. The biz’s have been pretty good with him, as no one would dare tell a former Army…… Continue reading Four Days Until the Wedding & Apartment Inspection