Men’s Fashion: Spring Greens

We made it through the winter, some areas worse than others and still going through snow and ice. Here in the Pacific Northwest Island of San Juan, we have Spring. March-April spring is getting greener, with trees, flowers and bushes, so the color I give this first four weeks is a bright green. My first…… Continue reading Men’s Fashion: Spring Greens

Happy 52nd Birthday to Me

Today is my 52nd Birthday! The second in this pandemic quarantine, which isn’t much different from the past 18 years or so living with a kidney transplant. But I’m grateful to have lived so long! The past year (past four years, really) I’ve been spoiling myself, after paying off bills I was left with after…… Continue reading Happy 52nd Birthday to Me

Men’s Fashion: Antonio Valeria Bags

There are just a few days left of 2020, thankfully. This year I made the decision to write Men’s Fashion articles, focusing solely on bags. I started after buying the chocolate Piel Leather foldover tote last December, coming full circle this December 2020. The articles never caught on, like anything else I’ve tried to garner…… Continue reading Men’s Fashion: Antonio Valeria Bags