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Tech Tuesday: Cicret Bracelet Computer

Saw this amazing concept computer over the weekend across several tech news apps and knew I had to show it to you on my Tech Tuesday post. But first, a sly update with… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Ars reviews the BlackBerry Passport, the corporate tool

http://tpt.to/a4V3kN6 A few months ago, I brought this to your attention as a decidedly different type of smartphone. The BlackBerry Passport is big, bulky with a smushed keyboard.  And I want one! As… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: BlackBerry Passport

From http://blogs.blackberry.com/2014/07/passport-design/ BlackBerry never appealed to me, having always been a Nokia Man, however this new Passport really captured my attention. Nice big screen for writing, working on spreadsheets, qwerty keyboard-it looks like a… Continue reading