What is popular in social media?

I performed a basic experiment on the popularity of social media websites by creating two different accounts on tumblr. I long wondered why my website and this blog still wasn’t getting visits, likes, shares like other sites. I did all the same things, covered a variety of interesting, relevant, current topics, like book reviews, technology,…… Continue reading What is popular in social media?

Blogs or Novels? Modern Juggling

I’ve been debating the past few weeks whether or not to give up some of the blogs I own in favor of the Novels i’m working on. Since I’m getting paid for neither one, it’s a 50-50 decision.  I enjoy all of them, but I dont enjoy researching and writing 16 hours a day, nonstop,…… Continue reading Blogs or Novels? Modern Juggling

Invitations Abound

This month was a grand event for invitations.  Not only was the Royal Wedding this month, President Obama had one from Tycoon Trump to show his “long from birth certificate”.  Also, I had an invite to study for a forensic rehabilitation certificate then another invitation for a literary fiction certificate from last year…flattering but no…… Continue reading Invitations Abound

All My Own

Finally got an old blog network to remove my old blogs. Discovered my work was still on their network when a comment was posted from a link.  I had no idea.  Surprising still, was they had advertisers on my old blogs.  They had been making money off my work for a year and a half,…… Continue reading All My Own

Bright and Blustery Belltown

Torrential downpours this morning, then bright and blustery this afternoon in the Seattle neighborhood of Belltown. March sure is roaring in like a lion (heh, like my business name, Lione Services).  As I sat at my desk watching the sheets of rain come down sideways, I was wondering what other writers do when they’re stuck…… Continue reading Bright and Blustery Belltown

New Blog for Lione Services!

Adding a blog for the business site here, alongside my Health, Technology and Book blogs! Been busy with more behind-the-scenes action for all the blogs and websites. Hoping to make your experiences easier and more fun! A new website is in the works, http://www.brickoneil.com, as I’m hoping to get the Novel moved to it’s own…… Continue reading New Blog for Lione Services!