Slim Down Like Clockwork

apricot wheat germ muffin A good way to avoid weight gain as you age? Eat.  Research shows that people who eat meals regularly throughout the day tend to have smaller waists than people who sometimes skip breakfast, lunch, or dinner.   Get Regular Regular eaters not only weigh less and have smaller waists but also…… Continue reading Slim Down Like Clockwork

Most Fattening Foods

  Spring Watch out for these Spring Teasers. When the weather warms up, ice cream shops have lines out their doors. And unless you’re careful, the calories in these chilly treats add up in a hurry. So forget the toppings, candy mix-ins, and waffle cones and stick with a single scoop of your favorite ice…… Continue reading Most Fattening Foods

It’s THAT Time of Year: Rating the Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies So which Girl Scout cookies are the most healthy — or perhaps I should say the least unhealthy? The most figure-friendly Girl Scout cookies are those with the fewest fat grams and calories per sensible serving. The most heart-friendly cookies, meanwhile, are those lowest in saturated fat — which often match up…… Continue reading It’s THAT Time of Year: Rating the Girl Scout Cookies

A Tangy Treat That’s Good for Your Bladder

Apricot Smoothie Here’s a diet “do” that may help keep your bladder cancer-free. Start your day with some yogurt. Later, have some more for a snack. Compared with their peers who never ate yogurt, people in a study who ate two or more servings daily had almost a 40 percent lower risk of bladder cancer.…… Continue reading A Tangy Treat That’s Good for Your Bladder

True or False: Agave’s the Healthiest Sweetener Out There

agave Could it be true? Is there really an all-natural, low-calorie sweetener — with no aftertaste — that doesn’t send your blood sugar into the stratosphere? Fans say agave (ah-GAH-vay) nectar fits that description. And to judge by the flood of agave-sweetened foods and drinks on supermarket shelves — hundreds have been introduced in the last…… Continue reading True or False: Agave’s the Healthiest Sweetener Out There

Armor Against E. Coli: Fiber

Whole Wheat Bread Fiber is fab. You already eat it to stay regular and to feel fuller longer. Now there’s another reason: gut protection.  Bacteria Bound In a lab study, researchers exposed a variety of foods to several strains of E. coli and Salmonella. The results? The bacteria adhered to fibrous foods — like pumpkin,…… Continue reading Armor Against E. Coli: Fiber