Monday Book Review: The Little Big Italian Cookbook

The Little Big Italian Cookbook: The Bite Size Cook Book That Comes Stuffed with Ideas  This is the last book in “The Little Big” series written by Carla Bardi for Mcrae Books that I could find.  There isn’t a book description on Amazon that I could find, nor is there one on the book, nor…… Continue reading Monday Book Review: The Little Big Italian Cookbook

Belated Borders

Absolutely stunning news.  Borders is closing, forever. Even if it is expected, as I’d been blogging about their financial troubles for hears across my different book blogs over the years. Frankly, i’m surprised they hung on this long. Borders has long been a favorite bookseller of mine.  Each city I moved to I would first…… Continue reading Belated Borders

Trouble in Brick and Mortar Land

> Barnes & Noble fails to end Nook lawsuit The little e-reader that could is having some legal trouble these days.  Barnes & Noble Inc (BKS.N) lost its bid to dismiss Spring Design Inc’s lawsuit accusing the largest U.S. bookseller of illegally copying a screen design for the popular Nook electronic book reader. Spring Design will be allowed…… Continue reading Trouble in Brick and Mortar Land