Happy Humpday Pic: Looking Up! Achieving resolution milestones.

This picture was taken from the inner courtyard of a building I lived in, my apartment the upper right open window.  There was a grand view of  Elliott Bay in Seattle Sound, I could see the cruise ships on their shore leave.  During certain months of the year, I could see the Naval ships docking…… Continue reading Happy Humpday Pic: Looking Up! Achieving resolution milestones.

Does Social Networking Work for Marketing?

I’m on #facebook#linkedin #tumblr #digg #reddit #G+#stumbleupon #klout #twitter and have never had great referrals for sales or blogs or books. I’ve always heard “you have to share, comment, re[tweet, retumble, etc], get involved.”  I’ve done that, going on five years on some accounts and my ‘numbers’ have never been ‘out of the park’.  If anything, all my involvement has gone largely unnoticed.…… Continue reading Does Social Networking Work for Marketing?

Where are the Jobs, then?

Big businesses, conglomerates, millionaires and billionaires have had roughly 10+ years of the lowest tax rates and/or no taxes to create and sustain American jobs so the middle class can live and thrive. Well, where are the jobs? Republicans have cried and wailed for years that taxes would hurt and strangle job growth and the middle class if…… Continue reading Where are the Jobs, then?

Where are all the “Opportunities”?

Hundreds of thousands of people are now hanging out their shingle proclaiming themselves ‘Freelance Writers” these days.  I’ve been a Writer for ten years now.  I’ve accomplished quite a bit in a number of different areas.  I’ve finished a Novel, I’ve been a researcher online, i’ve done copywriting, i’ve written for clients in the fields…… Continue reading Where are all the “Opportunities”?

Trouble in Brick and Mortar Land

> Barnes & Noble fails to end Nook lawsuit The little e-reader that could is having some legal trouble these days.  Barnes & Noble Inc (BKS.N) lost its bid to dismiss Spring Design Inc’s lawsuit accusing the largest U.S. bookseller of illegally copying a screen design for the popular Nook electronic book reader. Spring Design will be allowed…… Continue reading Trouble in Brick and Mortar Land