Healthy Thursday: Cravings

  Let's talk cravings. If you're trying to live a healthier lifestyle, including more lean proteins, low-carb vegetables, cut out white foods like flour, pasta, rice, sugar for brown foods of the same categories then congratulations. But we're all human, after all. An overpowering craving will come over you suddenly where you can't think of … Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Cravings

Monday Book Review: Chocolate & Baking

Chocolate & Baking Super Cookery by Parragon Book Description: Chocolate & Baking: This inspirational and comprehensive cookbook features 246 delicious recipes, including delicious chocolate based and baking ideas from all around the world. Recipes include cakes, gateaux and cookies, indulgent puddings, desserts and candies, and even a range of brads and pizzas. In this book … Continue reading Monday Book Review: Chocolate & Baking

Healthy Thursday: Chocolate to the Rescue

Eating Chocolate aids in memory retention!  Ok, so the scientists messed with the chemical compounds, but still, it's a good reason to eat more dark chocolate! In part, here is some of the study: The study authors pointed out that flavanols are found (to varying degrees) in many types of foods, including tea leaves, fruits … Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Chocolate to the Rescue