Stepping Back From Social Media

Do Not Comment on this post on Social Media! If you feel the need to comment, follow the link to my website and blog section, then comment under the post. I am stepping back from social media for a time for my mental health. I’m re-evaluating my presence on social media because all my marketing…… Continue reading Stepping Back From Social Media

Hello 2016, Goodbye 2015

Before we say great big hello to 2016, we must bid goodbye to 2015. 2015 was a pretty good year here at chez ONeil. I published four ebooks, remade covers on four more, didn’t have any new surgeries or procedures and I got married! I updated the cover on the cookbook I published the year…… Continue reading Hello 2016, Goodbye 2015

Celery-Split Pea Soup with Ham

I’ve always loved split pea soup, esp the bad-for-you canned variety, so I learned to make it myself. Split Pea soup is high in carbs, so I add celery soup to bring down the carb count and increase the fiber count, making it diabetes-friendly!   Make Celery Soup from Simple Healthy Fresh.   Normally when…… Continue reading Celery-Split Pea Soup with Ham

Need To Raise Funds-Please Buy My Books!

  Recently I’ve had some dental work done, my dentist re-cemented a 20 year old bridge that had popped out last month for  my wedding. Today she had to drill it out to fix one cavity-not bad for not seeing a dentist in 10 years. Instead of recementing it a third time, she said I have…… Continue reading Need To Raise Funds-Please Buy My Books!

Monday Book Review: Soups and Stews

Soups and Stews: Simply Delicious Recipes by Fog City Press From the inside cover: A bowlful that Satisfies For so many of us, soups–and their heartier cousins, stews–are the ideal comfort food, always counted on to soothe and to satisfy.  With this beautiful and wide-ranging collection, you’ll be sure to find the ideal bowl of…… Continue reading Monday Book Review: Soups and Stews

Monday Book Review: Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy (Super Cookery) by Parragon Book Description: Quick & Easy. The inspirational and comprehensive cookbook features 246 delicious recipes for simple and fast, but wholesome dishes for those with a hectic lifestyle. Dishes include soups, salads, appetizers, light snacks, main meals, side dishes and even a range of desserts. Here you have all…… Continue reading Monday Book Review: Quick & Easy

Tech Tuesday: Untechnical

Ah, technology. We have the internet and billions upon billions of websites to create, peruse, read, sell and buy. Over the 4-day Labor Day weekend I had the idea to put my physical cookbook  (Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh)  on sale. My goal was to sell all 200 copies and slashed the price by half.  I…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Untechnical

Busy Days Inside and Out

Life has been so busy this Winter and Spring, I really have been neglecting the Monday Book Reviews and Tech Tuesdays, I had altogether stopped Happy Humpday posts and Healthy Thursdays but have been really trying to keep the Friday Top Ten EBook lists for you readers, all 10 of you. If you’ve read my…… Continue reading Busy Days Inside and Out

Sneak Peek: Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook

Sneak Peek at my Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook The cookbook has been the culmination of eleven years of research, networking, reading, cooking by trial and error. It never would have gotten off the ground had friends not continually asking for a physical, hardcopy cookbook.  I got my feet wet by writing the two ebook…… Continue reading Sneak Peek: Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook

Resolutions 2014

Welcome to 2014 ladies and gentlemen. The past years have brought posts on eating healthy, exercising, joining new communities, starting new hobbies, making friends and so forth. Periodically, throughout the year, there have been posts reminding you about keeping on track with your resolutions.  No one responds, so I have no idea if you all…… Continue reading Resolutions 2014