Cozy Mysteries as Masturbatory Fantasy

There’s been a trend in Cozy Mysteries the past five or so years that are converting a once believable genre into an ignorant masturbatory fantasy by and for women. Totally understandable, in the reality of life these days, but the genre has been polluted. No where in real life would a Sheriff, City Police or…… Continue reading Cozy Mysteries as Masturbatory Fantasy

Cozy Is As Cozy Does

The past four to six months I’ve read quite a few Cozy Mysteries, around several hundred so far. I haven’t reviewed them all because after a time they all read exactly the same, without much forethought. There is typically some protagonist-quirky grandmother, sexpot store owner, irascible grandfather, bookworm/nerdlette young woman and so forth. There’s either…… Continue reading Cozy Is As Cozy Does