Healthy Thursday: Dental Care in the United States

My question is why isn't Dental Care free in the United States? We are supposedly the richest nation on earth with the best 'health care available' for everyone. More like, the U.S. has the 'best health care' for anyone rich enough to afford it. Like many on Social Security and Medicare, there isn't a whole … Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Dental Care in the United States

Healthy Thursday: Depression Blood Test

  Now a new study suggests that a simple blood test could soon allow doctors to diagnose clinical depression as easily as they check cholesterol. Researchers at Northwestern University have developed the first blood test that analyzes levels of nine blood biomarkers associated with adult clinical depression. The results of their study were published Tuesday … Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Depression Blood Test

Wertfrei Wednesday: Depression and Suicide

The Month of August 'Wertfrei Wednesday' posts were going to be about returning to school issues facing Mom's, Dads, undergraduate and post graduate education. With the very public discovery and reporting of Robin Williams' suicide, we can't help but discuss the correlation. Not everyone who has depression commits suicide, but depression is a very serious … Continue reading Wertfrei Wednesday: Depression and Suicide

Wertfrei Wednesday: Blue Skies Dark Heart

Life these days can be so challenging. When most of us just want to life our lives and to be left alone, or to trying to make ends meet day to day, others seem to make it their life's work to mess with us. People, in general, just want to live uncomplicated lives: to earn … Continue reading Wertfrei Wednesday: Blue Skies Dark Heart