Two Days Until the Wedding

Made a trip to Seatac International Airport to pick up BF's best friend for the wedding. We took the light link rail from Downtown Seattle to the airport-the ride is very pretty, going through all the neighborhoods and suburbs, then around the airport. Found her at the very end terminal then walked back and brought … Continue reading Two Days Until the Wedding

Humpday Picture: Frieze in Seattle

  Saw this beautiful Frieze during a walk in Downtown Seattle. It's always so nice to find hidden gems in buildings.  I don't know what's going on in the picture so if anyone knows, feel free to say so in the comments. What hidden gems have you found in your town?

Happy Hump Day

    We made it to the middle of the week and almost the end of September.  Thought I'd share a totally irrelevant and cool window display I saw this week in downtown Seattle.  I can't remember which store it was but they put this up each year and each year I love it. Downtown … Continue reading Happy Hump Day