Wertfrei Wednesday: Taking stock

It’s December 3rd, folks, exactly four weeks left in 2014.  Remember back on January 1st with all those well-intentioned New Years Resolutions? Did you do quarterly checks against that list you made? There are 28 days to finish that list or renew those resolutions. It’s never too late to re-start the resolution! Did you resolve…… Continue reading Wertfrei Wednesday: Taking stock

President Obama’s Response to my “Open Letter”

Awhile ago, last March 2011, I wrote an Open Letter to President Obama detailing my experience trying to find work, higher education and reverse discrimination over the past fifteen years. Here is his response,verbatim and in detail, which address nothing in my letter:   June 23, 2011   Dear Friend:   Thank you for writing. …… Continue reading President Obama’s Response to my “Open Letter”

Open Letter to President Obama: Education, Employment, Health and Welfare

I’ve posted this on other blogs and social media sites.  It’s my experience with reverse discrimination over a ten year period, in a variety of settings. To:  President Barack Obama, United States, president@whitehouse.gov Governor Christine Gregoire, Washington, governor.gregoire@governor.wa.gov New York Times, editorial@nytimes.com Mr. Frank Blethen Seattle Times, dboardman@seattletimes.com Council on Certified Rehabilitation Counselors, info@crccertification.com Department…… Continue reading Open Letter to President Obama: Education, Employment, Health and Welfare