Healthy Thursday: Hold the Mayo

Hold the Mayo: How I Broke My Fast Food Habit Brick ONeil, Yahoo Contributor Network Before I received a kidney transplant in 2003, I really didn’t have an appetite, as dialysis pumps so many chemicals into your body, cleaning your blood that your kidneys can’t. Foods taste bland and you’re limited to what you can…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Hold the Mayo

Healthy Thursday: Blaming Fat on People

via Saw an article over on Fox News Health that discussed the weight issues with Americans’ were the cause of over-eating and never exercising. I took issue with that, placing the blame solely on people’s lack of willpower. What they don’t (and many, many, many articles, doctors, dieticians/nutritionists, talking head fitness instructors and so forth) discuss…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Blaming Fat on People

Healthy Thursday: Fast Food Health

Eating Healthy with Fast Food Health and fast food used in the same sentence? Impossible you say? Nonsense! Just be aware of a few hints, tips and tricks to use at the local fast food restaurant. If you’re at a burger joint, it’s still possible to eat healthy. Want options? Order a burger with a…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Fast Food Health

Tech Tuesday: Fast Food Robots   The Big brouhaha lately over livable wages in typically low-paying McJobs has the whole world in a fight.  The owners are crying foul, they have no money to pay $15 an hour for jobs that have no higher education training, claiming they overpay as it is, versus the workers who are  working overtime…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Fast Food Robots

Healthy Thursday: Setting Realistic Goals

  We all want to be healthy, getting to a decent BMI (body mass index), so we can feel better, walk more, enjoy life. Setting realistic goals is the key to keeping your interest in eating healthy and exercising.  Read more about healthy BMI here, A healthy BMI is one tool doctors, nurses, dietitians, nutritionists…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Setting Realistic Goals