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Healthy Thursday: Hold the Mayo

Hold the Mayo: How I Broke My Fast Food Habit Brick ONeil, Yahoo Contributor Network Before I received a kidney transplant in 2003, I really didn’t have an appetite, as dialysis pumps so… Continue reading

Healthy Thursday: Blaming Fat on People

via http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/body-mass-index-bmi-for-adults Saw an article over on Fox News Health that discussed the weight issues with Americans’ were the cause of over-eating and never exercising. I took issue with that, placing the blame solely on… Continue reading

Healthy Thursday: Fast Food Health

Eating Healthy with Fast Food Health and fast food used in the same sentence? Impossible you say? Nonsense! Just be aware of a few hints, tips and tricks to use at the local… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Fast Food Robots

http://www.pitch.com   The Big brouhaha lately over livable wages in typically low-paying McJobs has the whole world in a fight.  The owners are crying foul, they have no money to pay $15 an… Continue reading

Healthy Thursday: Setting Realistic Goals

  We all want to be healthy, getting to a decent BMI (body mass index), so we can feel better, walk more, enjoy life. Setting realistic goals is the key to keeping your… Continue reading