Monday Book Review: Vegetarian (The Little Guides)

  Vegetarian (The Little Guides), by Fog City Press From the covers: When cooking for your family and friends, you want to present food that’s as nourishing and attractive as possible. In this handy Little Guide, we show you, in words and pictures, just how to set about achieving this goal with vegetarian recipes that…… Continue reading Monday Book Review: Vegetarian (The Little Guides)

Healthy Thursday: Live Salt-Free!

Salt has been used since early times as a preservative, flavoring as well as 13,998 uses. In time, Man developed heart disease and associated diseases from overuse of this wonderful flavoring. So health professionals have told Man and Woman to cut all sodium out of their diet, lest they have heart attacks, hardening of the…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Live Salt-Free!

New Weekly Post: Healthy Thursday!

    Welcome to Healthy Thursday! I decided to start the weekly Thursday postings about health, to supplement my healthy First Friday Free Recipes from my cookbook series, “Simple, Healthy, Fresh”, book 1 available now (see tab above) and book 2 coming out Summer 2013. What is health?  Health is what you put into your…… Continue reading New Weekly Post: Healthy Thursday!

Eat better — for less money

Dollar Signs The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy found that over a 15-year period the cost of fresh fruits and vegetables rose 40 percent, while prices on sweets and soda dropped. Adam Drewnowski, PhD, director of the University of Washington Center for Obesity Research, found that a dollar buys 1,200 calories worth of potato chips…… Continue reading Eat better — for less money