Free EBooks For Pride 2017

For Pride 21017, I've decided to mark both my gay-themed ebooks free to celebrate how far Gay Pride has influenced politics, society, self-expression and love. The discounts are available on Smashwords only (available in every format), so click the ebooks' links and go read! Please share to everyone! For Never Trust The Moon use free … Continue reading Free EBooks For Pride 2017

Wertfrei Wednesday: The Need for Gay Pride

Let's talk for a moment about the need for gay pride. If gay pride brings to mind Black Parties, White Parties, Bar Hopping, wearing leather harnesses and thongs, then you've got the wrong idea of what Gay Pride is all about. PBS succinctly puts it: When police raided the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar … Continue reading Wertfrei Wednesday: The Need for Gay Pride

Last Free Weekend

Hello one and all again.  Tis my last free weekend before embarking on a new chapter. Monday, i'm starting a certificate in Web Development, as you all know.  I'm not happy to have to take a math class every single quarter, so i'll see how it goes with this first one. The summer quarters are … Continue reading Last Free Weekend