Tech Tuesday: Google Glass Captioning

Georgia Tech researchers have come up with an app that turns Google Glass into a real-time closed-captioning display for the hearing-impaired, using the voice recognition in the user’s Glass-paired smartphone. Now this is a face-computer use we can get behind. Captioning on Glass uses a Glass wearer’s smartphone as a remote microphone. The Glass wearer…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Google Glass Captioning

Tech Tuesday Pay-Per-Gaze

While eye-tracking technology is certainly not new, both Google and Microsoft have taken the next evolutionary step in invasive marketing techniques.  Both behemoths are using their hardware to track where your eyes are going in advertisements! Years ago, when I was a young lad of twenty-something, I took part in one of those Mall Marketing…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday Pay-Per-Gaze

Tech Tuesday: 3-D Home Printers and Google Glass

“The Cube” brought to us courtesy of Now, “The Cube” can be yours, for a mere $1300, right in your home, next to your tower hard drive computer, between the leg shaped lamp and that tacky bubble thing from the 70s. From the article: The Cube, like other 3-D printers, is a machine that…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: 3-D Home Printers and Google Glass