I give Poshmark a D+ as a Buyer

Poshmark showed up on my Google research for small bags to put into a larger tote, having achieved the age of 50 last year. I need to carry more things now that I’m older and my small 8×9 bag wasn’t cutting it anymore. On Poshmark, here has been my experience. When you buy something, clutches…… Continue reading I give Poshmark a D+ as a Buyer

Samsung Continues to Disappoint

Samsung had been my go-to phone since Nokia stopped making forward thinking phones, my first being the Nokia 232, then 9500 Communicator finally the quirky, fun 7380. Then I moved to Samsung, first being the Exhibit, then the Note Edge (which I loved wholeheartedly!). I then bought a Gear S to go with the Edge…… Continue reading Samsung Continues to Disappoint

Asus Transformer Tablet Comparisons

This year I finally upgraded my Asus Transformer Tablet from the five year old TF101 (Mocha on the left) to the T100HA (Aqua Blue on right). The TF101 being five years old, has old specs, 1G processor and 1G ram, is slow running Android 4.0.3 and too old for many apps. The T100HA has a 1.4G…… Continue reading Asus Transformer Tablet Comparisons

Update September 2015: New Books, No Social Media, Etiquette

  Added two more books to write to my repertoire, two firsts-a science fiction novel and a children’s book! Very excited about these new projects. Also, recently, I’ve had people contacting me blind then get offended when I asked for particulars. Basic etiquette is introduce yourself first, reason for contacting and thanking. This is just…… Continue reading Update September 2015: New Books, No Social Media, Etiquette

Tech Tuesday: Android M

That’s right, most newer android tech is only just now getting updated Lollipop builds and those wacky kids at Google have invented yet another new OS for everyone to bemoan, Android M. There isn’t an official gimmicky name yet, but I’ve seen Marshmallow, M&M and Muffin. Even Macadamia Nut Cookie. Everyone loves a good name.…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Android M

Tech Tuesday: Lollipop 5.1 Update

  New features and updates to those getting the bump: Android 5.1 – an update to Lollipop that improves stability and performance and offers a few new features like support for multiple SIM cards, Device Protection and high definition (HD) voice on compatible phones. Whether you want to share your phone with a family member…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Lollipop 5.1 Update

Tech Tuesday: 75 awesome apps via Google

Was just looking for a roundup of 2014’s best Android Apps the other day, because you know every tech site on earth will be posting their version of top apps. Perusing through this list and looks like most of them are apps i’ll never use, like TV/Video apps-honestly, I’m way too busy to waste time…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: 75 awesome apps via Google

Tech Tuesday: Google Glass Captioning

Georgia Tech researchers have come up with an app that turns Google Glass into a real-time closed-captioning display for the hearing-impaired, using the voice recognition in the user’s Glass-paired smartphone. Now this is a face-computer use we can get behind. Captioning on Glass uses a Glass wearer’s smartphone as a remote microphone. The Glass wearer…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Google Glass Captioning

Tech Tuesday: Changing Email

Ah Google-the ubiquitous ‘everything-everywhere-allthetime’ ecosystem/software/OS, everything-to-everybody. When they first came out people thought that Google was the answer to everything.  Instant email account that was free, easy to set up, easy to add to accounts, newsletters, banks, etc. Then shortened to GMail. I switched as well, ever one of my online accounts, from social media,…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Changing Email