Happy 52nd Birthday to Me

Today is my 52nd Birthday! The second in this pandemic quarantine, which isn’t much different from the past 18 years or so living with a kidney transplant. But I’m grateful to have lived so long! The past year (past four years, really) I’ve been spoiling myself, after paying off bills I was left with after…… Continue reading Happy 52nd Birthday to Me

Happy 47th Birthday To Me

Celebrating my 47th Birthday today and I am so grateful. I’ve spent the past 13 years living on borrowed time after the kidney transplant in 2003. The years have sped by, I’ve lived in different cities, met met a lot of people over time. My health has changed, I’ve survived more surgeries, I’ve slowed down…… Continue reading Happy 47th Birthday To Me

Healthy Thursday: Happy Healthy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 46th birthday and my kidney’s 12th birthday! I”m lucky and thankful to be alive, thanks to the donor family, thanks to all these years of healthy eating (yes, i’m shamelessly plugging Simple Healthy Fresh), exercise and, sometimes, thanks in-spite-of all the years of doctors, healthcare, surgeries, procedures, broken bones, heart surgery-i’m here.…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Happy Healthy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday Me!

HAPPY 45TH TO ME! Buy one from this etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/market/45th_birthday Turning 45 this year, feels like some sort of milestone (or millstone?).  Life has been one crazy ride. Growing up in the midwest, getting my education, first bachelors then masters degree, working as an adjuster for a few years, experiencing kidney and heart failure, moving…… Continue reading Happy Birthday Me!