Renal Checkup, Blood Sugars and Hospital Pharmacy

Saw my Renal Doctor today and all is well so far. Still have labs to do to check the little guy and blood labs. I asked to drop the Fish Oil and Flaxseed tablets (that previous doctor’s in Omaha and Seattle prescribed) because the hadn’t done anything to help prevent heart/cholesterol/lipids issues. After having heart…… Continue reading Renal Checkup, Blood Sugars and Hospital Pharmacy

Harrowing Hospital History

Normally I do not like to write about personal issues on my book blog here, but the past 18 months to two years, the hospital pharmacy that fills my prescriptions has been less than stellar. Here is what I’ve been dealing with at Harborview Medical Center’s pharmacy at 9th and Jefferson in Seattle WA. If anyone…… Continue reading Harrowing Hospital History