Healthy Thursday: Diabetes and Feet So far, I have been lucky with healthy feet these past ten years of living with Diabetes. I’ve always had healthy feet, no problems or issues, other than the past year of ‘Olditis’.  Just be aware that if you are diabetic, you can have ‘tingly’ sensations in your extremities due to poor blood circulation.…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Diabetes and Feet

Healthy Thursday: Beginning Exercise Again

Spring has sprung in around the country (mostly), people are digging out their summer tennis shoes, jogging outfits and zumba gear. That is admirable that people want to get out to enjoy the sunny weather, after a seemingly long winter season. What isn’t admirable, is that so many haven’t been exercising throughout winter. Starting exercise…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Beginning Exercise Again

Healthy Thursday: Beginning Exercise

  Continuing from the last two weeks about ‘what is healthy living’, as discussed before, includes some form of exercise.  As I also discuss in my cookbook, “Simple, Healthy, Fresh 1.0”, must include some form of exercise that makes you sweat for an extended period of time.  Of course, before beginning any exercise routine or…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Beginning Exercise

Healthy Thursday: Healthy Cooking

  In last week’s post, I asked ‘what is health?’  and I responded it’s healthy cooking/eating and healthy exercise. Of course, that is the basic understanding. There are so many factors that go into ‘health’, that I could not possibly explain it in one little post.  Taking care of oneself, to the best of their…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Healthy Cooking