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Need To Raise Funds-Please Buy My Books!

  Recently I’ve had some dental work done, my dentist re-cemented a 20 year old bridge that had popped out last month for  my wedding. Today she had to drill it out to fix… Continue reading

Upgraded to Samsung Galaxy Note Edge!

  After two or three years of using a tiny 2 1/2″ downgraded feature phone, I finally was able to upgrade to a 6″ smartphone. I researched and seriously thought of getting a… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Oticon Chili Hearing Aids

http://www.oticon.com/products/hearing-aids/power/chili/inside-chili.aspx Had my annual hearing test with the audiologist and the hearing loss is stable at 80% which is in the moderate/severe category,  while the speech discrimination loss is worse at 25%/32% which is… Continue reading