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Gorgeous, Modern Console Table

COMMENT ON THE WEBPAGE, PLEASE! CLICK THE IMAGE! Another big sale item on Amazon! I’ve had my eyes on this for years and this one was on sale for 27% off the normal… Continue reading

To Add a Past Job?

Updating my LinkedIn profile (click link on page) and decided to add my  past Workers’ Compensation Claims Adjuster job. Why? It’s part of my experience and proof that I once held a job… Continue reading

The Problem with Social Media is People

  Years ago (nine, to be exact) when I started blogging on a blogosphere, we, all the bloggers, were told to ‘market’ our posts on the different social media sites. Fast forward to… Continue reading

CES 2014 competition video!

Interested in CES 2014 or missed something?  Check out this video by good friend, Jason Nunnelley, (LinkedIn profile www.linkedin.com/in/jasonn). He’s playing with liquid nitrogen, folks!   Consider this an abridged Tech Tuesday post, as… Continue reading

Does Social Networking Work for Marketing?

I’m on #facebook#linkedin #tumblr #digg #reddit #G+#stumbleupon #klout #twitter and have never had great referrals for sales or blogs or books. I’ve always heard “you have to share, comment, re[tweet, retumble, etc], get involved.”  I’ve done that, going on five years… Continue reading

Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog: Finally Starting the Cookbook

Never did writing a cookbook enter my mind when I was cooking healthy and low-carb. After getting bad news about my health years ago, I decided to start cooking healthy.  My instructions were… Continue reading

Lots going on

Been a busy Winter/Spring around Lione Services and myself, both personally and professionally. Personally, I over-exercised in 2010-11, damaging my knee with “Runners Knee”.  It’s been a year of physical therapy, some not… Continue reading

Social Media and the “Hip-Factor”

Ok, so maybe it’s because i’m not hip or fashionable enough to understand social media.  There are a ton of articles, “Marketers”, “Social Media Experts” and so on extolling the endless virtues and… Continue reading

Advertising and Marketing Yourself and Your Business

I remember way back as an undergraduate when I was picking a Major.  I thought about taking some business classes, advertising and marketing but realized I wasn’t really that interested.  It all looked… Continue reading