Lab Results Via Nephrologist

Got latest lab results from Nephrologists office and some numbers are great, some are elevated. There’s been an ongoing battle regarding all my cholesterol level numbers. My A1C has gone down from 9.1 months ago to 8.4, cholesterol is 244, triglycerides 696, HDL 37, glucose 219. The Dr’s keep prescribing medications that do all the damage, then…… Continue reading Lab Results Via Nephrologist

Healthy Thursday: Take Your Pills

No one likes taking medication and pills, that’s no secret. As we get older, our bodies start falling apart, arteries clog, joints wear down, pancreas and liver functions go all wacky. It adds up: heart disease, high blood pressure, runners knee, tennis elbow, arthritis in our joints, diabetes, and the list goes on. Add vitamins,…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Take Your Pills

Healthy Thursday: Taking Care of Business

I took this at Mt. Si, Washington State, 2010 Apologies for the late Healthy Thursday post, errands kept me out and about all day. Had a follow-up appointment with my Bone & Joint Dr about the Plantar Fasciitis, then off to pick up my medications, finally back home for a nap. The B&J Dr is…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Taking Care of Business