Healthy Thursday: Prostate Cancer Aftercare

Prostate Cancer surgery is becoming  more common in the United States and more men are surviving with minimal aftereffects. I"m sure the temptation to 'live life to the fullest' is what is on many minds, however, maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle is paramount to survival. Eating a low-carb, low-salt and low-fat diet doesn't have to … Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Prostate Cancer Aftercare

Healthy at Any Cost? When Enough is Enough.

  Was reading an article on weight loss and weight maintenance, which I can't find now.  The crux was, It's easy to lose weight the first time but maintaining a weight loss forever is almost impossible.  To keep weight off, people must forever count and watch calories, carbs and/or fat grams PLUS exercise/workout for hours … Continue reading Healthy at Any Cost? When Enough is Enough.