2018 First Quarter Almost Over

2018's first quarter is almost over, we have one week to examine our resolutions, determine where we are and what or if our goals are the same or have changed. Taking stock of our lives is a great way to find out our happiness, health and truth. With one week to go for the first … Continue reading 2018 First Quarter Almost Over

Half-way Through February

Congratulations to everyone for getting through the decade of January (honestly, the month was long) and breezing through February. On my little island, we're having 40s/50s days, thankfully, breezy and chilly at times. I'm not complaining at all. I've been visiting my two boys, Boots and Bobcat, at the Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor … Continue reading Half-way Through February

Coming Into The Light

Finally seeing the light in life! Life has gotten brighter recently, seeing the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Slowly paying off bills, (difficult on low-income, but making headway, nonetheless), making plans to buy needed furniture, treating myself to some rings (some crystal bar rings, metals, gems) and continuing eating right and exercising, … Continue reading Coming Into The Light

Stepping Back From Social Media

Do Not Comment on this post on Social Media! If you feel the need to comment, follow the link to my website and blog section, then comment under the post. I am stepping back from social media for a time for my mental health. I'm re-evaluating my presence on social media because all my marketing … Continue reading Stepping Back From Social Media

Healthy Thursday: Happy, Healthy 2015

From https://www.sayingimages.com 2015 is finally here, full of new challenges and new experiences. I challenge each and every one of you to see the coming days through new eyes, seeing the bad days as learning experiences, the good days as something joyful to go through. Each day brings something new, a smile for a stranger, holding … Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Happy, Healthy 2015

Happy Humpday: Visions

  Visions - The old view from my apartment in Seattle, Washington. Gorgeous view, wouldn't you agree?  You can see forever, but as in life, visions change.  There are now 20 and 40-story skyscrapers blocking all my views now.  At first I was upset that my forever vision was now defunct and I didn't think … Continue reading Happy Humpday: Visions

Happy Humpday: Historic Decision for Equality

  Never thought I would see A Supreme Court of the U.S. give gays and lesbians equality with straight Americans.  Never did I imagine that 13 states would grant gays and lesbians the legal right so freely given to a majority of Americans.  Never did I think I would live to see gay and lesbian … Continue reading Happy Humpday: Historic Decision for Equality