Tech Tuesday: Windows 10 Sign Up

Got my Windows 10 notification today! Down in the right corner, the windows logo brings a popup notification with three options, one of which to give your email address when the software is available, July 29th. From their website: You’re already an expert Windows 10 is so familiar and easy to use, you’ll feel like…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Windows 10 Sign Up

Tech Tuesday: Microsoft Band

With this new wearable device, Microsoft has entered the fitness technology era. Classic design, new sensors, new displays and connected to everything you need. Microsoft’s Band has even received great reviews from technology sites and gurus. From the Microsoft website: Microsoft Band, the first device powered by Microsoft Health, helps you achieve your wellness goals…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Microsoft Band

Tech Tuesday: Project Spartan

Microsoft had to do something, because Internet Explorer became synonymous with old, broken, buggy and slow. They pushed out Netscape way back when, the uber-browser in the 90s, now they themselves got pushed out with newer, younger, prettier, popular browsers like chrome, firefox and a myriad of others like dolphin, opera, sail to name but…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Project Spartan

Tech Tuesday: Microsoft Phone’s Terrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day

Microsoft tried so hard to enter, take over the smartphone market and beat Apple to try and become the number one handset seller in the world. Well, the world handed their bottom line back to them on a silver platter. Microsoft worked from the inside to crash Nokia, all to take control of the handset…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Microsoft Phone’s Terrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day

Tech Tuesday: The Nokia 215 $29 Phone

Long have I been a fan of Nokia’s cell phones, since my first Nokia, the 151, then years later, the 9500 and 7380 (I’m still waiting for the Nokia Morph, guys). Not a true Nokia, however, since it doesn’t have the Symbian ecosystem, however, I’m willing to overlook this due to the sheer functionality of…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: The Nokia 215 $29 Phone

Tech Tuesday: Win 10 Snagged 10 Million People

  From according to Microsoft, its Windows Insider Program hit one million registrants over the weekend, giving a lot of potential users access to the latest build of its next-gen operating system. Joining the Windows Insider Program doesn’t necessarily translate to an installed preview, but it is the only way to get access to…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Win 10 Snagged 10 Million People

Tech Tuesday: Windows 9….10

From the Verge Live Coverage “We’re delivering one application platform.” You’ll get rid of XP, dammit! “One store, one way for applications to be discovered, purchased, and updated across all of these devices.” To cut pirating. “Windows 10 will be our most comprehensive platform, ever.” SO it’ll crash across all devices at the same rate?…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Windows 9….10

Tech Tuesday: Rebranding Internet Explorer

  Apparently there was a discussion over in Redmond on the Microsoft campus on how to revive the old Internet Explorer web browser. According to BGR , the most bandied about idea was to just rename the browser.  Heated discussion threads ensued and nothing was done. If Microsoft is serious about reviving I.E., they would do…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Rebranding Internet Explorer

Tech Tuesday: Windows RT Slips into Obscurity

Windows RT was supposed to usher in the tablet era for Microsoft. But Windows RT has two fatal flaws: it’s missing crucial apps, and it’s poorly designed. Unsurprisingly, the stripped-down operating system failed to take off. (Actually, that’s an understatement: Microsoft took a $900 million write down last year because of awful Surface RT sales,…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Windows RT Slips into Obscurity

Tech Tuesday: Microsoft dumps Nokia Staff

from As I’ve said numerous times the past few years, Poor Nokia! First they lose marketshare due to their pig-headedness in refusing to move with the times. Slow, buggy software in bright, attractive cases and exhorbitantly over-priced. They never learned, much to their regret (?). Then to have a fox-wearing-sheepskin CEO directly from Microsoft,…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Microsoft dumps Nokia Staff