Happy First Day of Fall 2013

Good Morning and Happy First day of Fall! Time for cooler temperatures, breaking out fall jackets, long sleeved shirts, sweaters and button downs. Warming up with hot apple cinnamon cider, hot chili cocoa, after rustling up fall leaves by shuffling your feet. Some people enjoy football, soccer and other sports to rev up the season.…… Continue reading Happy First Day of Fall 2013

Healthy Thursday: Accentuating the Positive

Are a gloomy gus and not realizing it?  Ulcers and high blood pressure Do you see the bad, dark and negative side of life? Is Murphy your constant companion? Always seeing the dark rainclouds and not the silver linings? Constant bad days? Maybe it’s not ‘them’ out to get you, maybe it’s your constant, negative…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Accentuating the Positive

Healthy Thursday: Beginning Exercise Again

Spring has sprung in around the country (mostly), people are digging out their summer tennis shoes, jogging outfits and zumba gear. That is admirable that people want to get out to enjoy the sunny weather, after a seemingly long winter season. What isn’t admirable, is that so many haven’t been exercising throughout winter. Starting exercise…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Beginning Exercise Again

Humpday Pic: Seattle Flower Pot

    This is the famous Seattle Flower Pot. The sculpture, called “Urban Garden,” was designed by local artist Ginny Ruffner, a 27-foot tall flowerpot at the Sheraton Hotel near the corner of 7th Ave. and Union Street. To get this full size shot, I had to climb up the Seattle Convention Center’s down street location and…… Continue reading Humpday Pic: Seattle Flower Pot

Happy Humpday Pic! Metal Flower

Happy Humpday Pic!  This larger than life metal flower is at the 3rd and Madison Wells Fargo. “Seattle Tulip” is by the late American Pop Artist Tom Wesselmann. I’ve always admired this Tulip and enjoy it whenever i’m out and about.  It’s in downtown Seattle in the business district. What have you done that is larger than…… Continue reading Happy Humpday Pic! Metal Flower

Happy Humpday Pic 1/23/13

This was taken Summer of 2012, on a Sunny Summer day along a footpath around South Lake Union.  There is chat rock between an old rail path and it has a bench along the right side under some trees and bushes.  Very relaxing and at the same time, invigorating. There is just something about exercise,…… Continue reading Happy Humpday Pic 1/23/13