“Aside of Murder” is on iTunes and iBookstore!


Aside of Murder is on iTunes and iBookstore!

I was doing a bit of random searching for the novel and found it is now on Apple’s iTunes and iBookstore!  With the new cover and descriptions. So, i’m going on faith that the updated novel made it as well.

Looks like it won’t be on inktera or versent books as they are too new of ebook retailers.  Sony and Kobo still have the old version, no telling when they will get updated.

Amazon and Smashwords still haven’t ironed out their issues, so if it gets on Amazon, i’ll have to upload it separately.  Would it be worth it?




Aside of murder: a modern gritty 50’s noir Seattle, wa, July 10, 2012:  Aside of Murder has been called “a modern day 30s and 50’s Noir”, a gritty crime novel that “paints the seedy underbelly of both lower and upper society”.

PLOT Short description What happens when a High Class Call Girl and an embezzling bank executive blackmail each other into marriage? Revenge and Murder!

Extended description Shelley, a high class call girl, and Ann Li, her best friend in the business, discover blackmail and revenge against clients. After many years, Shelley gets her chance to get out of the business and catches the eye of Gerald Johnson, a philandering, embezzling bank executive. What happens when they meet? Blackmail, marriage, revenge and murder.

When pools of blood are found in their home instead of Mrs. Shelley Johnson, it’s up to Joan, the bank’s investigator, and Detective McIntire of the police department, to track Gerald down, from country to country. When he does come back home, he leaves his own trail of revenge and murder.

ABOUT THE AUTHORBrick ONeil is currently living in Seattle, Washington with two cats, Bobcat and Bootstrap, and husband, working on book two of “The Rose Petal Wine Murder Mysteries”, “The Bamboo Killer”. This next book in the series has familiar characters investigating a serial killer who strikes with a bamboo stake through his young victim’s hearts at the University of Washington. Gerald returns and takes the investigators on another worldwide chase.


What a Wild Week

From student to not student.

Decided I didnt like doing homework 12 hours a day afterall.  Especially Math and Coding.  Why the Vocational Assessor wrote in her report that web development was a viable career for me is beyond me.  I dont like math or fiddly little detail crap work that coding requires. So, told them to just close my file and I would just keep writing novels that no one wants to read.

Speaking of, I’ve been marketing the revised edition of Aside of Murder the past week and got 18 downloads.  For all the work i put into the damn marketing of it, it should have been 180 downloads.  Had over 500 views but 18 downloads?  And it was FREE!!!!!   Ah well, I know the old saying, not everything will appeal to everyone, but c’mon.  What was the deal?

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Hello again

After half a year off from blogging, I admit, I kind of missed it.  I had no idea if anyone was even reading the blog postings and frankly, I was too busy ‘working’ all the blogs I had. They were taking away from my Novel writing; besides, I wasn’t even getting paid for them. 

There have been a few changes.  Microsoft shut down their Office Live Small Business, ,in favor of their Office 365 (which doesn’t even include hosting or domain), then charged $72-150/yr just to use MS software on the blog or business page.  So, I just ended up shutting down http://www.LioneServices.com and bought the domain over on godaddy.com.  So now I own my six domain names, the two now-defunct blogs (www.encouragehealthyhabits.com and http://www.thetechgadget.com) and LioneServices.com. What will i do with them? no idea.  If anyone wants to blog on them for revenue share, feel free to contact me.  Likewise, if anyone out there can create web pages from scratch, contact me.

I’ve got an editor for “Aside of Murder” (found on http://www.smashwords.com and most major ebooktailers), started on the second in the series, as well as two separate novels.  Yes, i’ve been a busy man.

Also, i’ve applied to study for an Associates degree in Web Development, in case this whole Novel business doesn’t pan out.  The previous degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling is useless–no one is hiring at the state or federal level these days. But I did keep up my CRC.  I worked too hard to just let that go!

Monday Book Review: “Troubling a Star” by Madeleine L’Engle

Troubling a Star: The Austin Family Chronicles, Book 5


Synopsis from Amazon.com:

The Austins have settled back into their beloved home in the country after more than a year away. Though they had all missed the predictability and security of life in Thornhill, Vicky Austin is discovering that slipping back into her old life isn’t easy. She’s been changed by life in New York City and her travels around the country, while her old friends seem to have stayed the same. So Vicky finds herself spending time with a new friend, Serena Eddington – the great-aunt of a boy Vicky met over the summer.

Aunt Serena gives Vicky an incredible birthday gift – a month-long trip to Antarctica. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. But Vicky is nervous. She’s never been away from her family before.

Once she sets off though, she finds that’s the least of her worries. She receives threatening letters. She’s surrounded by suspicious characters. Vicky no longer knows who to trust. And she may not make it home alive.

My Notes:

Madeleine L’Engle is my favorite author of all time. I first read her ‘Wrinkle in Time” series then found one of her Adult novels, “A Severed Wasp”–my all time favorite book.

In this Young Adult book, part of a series following the Austin Family, she creates a loving, close-knit group of people, both in and out of the family. The characters are fully realized, the parents somewhat two-dimensional but Aunt Serena, Vicky and the ensuing cast are fleshed out for the duration of a mystifying trip that almost claims young Vicky’s life.


Monday Book Review: “J is for Judgement” by Sue Grafton

"J" is for Judgment


Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Milhone is quirky, fun and a great detective.  The protagonist is a fully rounded person, with strengths and foibles just like a real person.  She’s not perfect, which makes her perfect for detective work.  Personally, I would love to see Sue’s file on Kinsey.  We learn a little bit about Kinsey with each book that comes out as she works on the case (that usually corners her into accepting).

In “J is for Judgement”, she is asked to investigate a dead man that was seen thousands of miles away from her hometown of Santa Theresa, CA, in a Mexican resort town sipping umbrella’d drinks with a mystery woman. From there, Sue sets of a web that Kinsey must unravel.  And unravel it does, back in good old Santa Theresa. As usual, there’s a large sum of missing money and investors wanting the hide of the aforementioned missing/presumed dead, man.

What I love about Sue’s series is how detailed (but not obnoxious) the minor characters are.  Kinsey’s landlord, Henry (a spry octogenerian) and his cohorts, from his persnickety brother to the brassy tavern owner ‘just a few blocks down the street’ (who has her eye on the brother).  Each book brings out rich, vivid detail that is eagerly swallowed by eyes many times over around the world.















Last weekend to get my debut Novel, Aside of Murder, FREE!

Last weekend to get it #FREE! https://www.smashwords.com/boo​ks/view/34429 Use code SSWSF on the smashwords link above.

What happens when an embezzling bank executive and a high class call girl blackmail each other into marriage? Revenge and Murder.
     Shelley, a naive law student from a poor background was tricked into becoming a call girl by her boss, the Assistant District Attorney. She vows to get out of the ‘business’ by blackmailing Gerald Johnson, (who, in turn, blackmails her into marriage). Gerald is an embezzling Executive Vice President at one of the nations biggest banks. Gerald, along with a crooked insurance salesman, Bill Belcher, is heading the night deposit theft ring.
He is feeling the pressure from one of the bank’s investigators, Joan, for the night deposit theft investigation. No sooner than Joan delves into it, she is partnered with Detective McIntire from the police department. The investigation proves dangerous the further Joan and the Detective get to the center of the case, and find their friend’s lives at peril. As a child, Joan’s parents abandoned her for a life in France, and as an adult Mama and Papa Miller, the elderly black couple who own a grocery store downtown, ‘adopted’ her and her best friend, Sue Phillips along with Sue’s husband, John.
They all find themselves thrown into a murder investigation when Shelley Johnson is missing from her home, and pools of blood are found instead. Gerald flees from country to country as a result and finds himself face to face with Shelley’s accusing spirit wherever he travels.
Joan and Detective McIntire find themselves and their friends and family even deeper into Gerald’s complicated scheme. What culminates affect everyone.
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