Offering to Write a Blog Post

Offering to write a 100 word Blog Post for $25 per week! Will include pictures and/or video for a company, product, theme or business, on my website or yours. Post goes out to social media. Pay via paypal. See my linkedin profile for my work,

Monday Book Review: Around the Web

BUSY BUSY BUSY!!! Alright, Sorry for the 2nd week in a row of no book review, I have been so busy lining up all my ducks in order to sell my Ultimate Cookbook, locating marketing partners, available venues and so forth. As you’ve notices over the past few weeks, I’ve joined both Paypal Here and…… Continue reading Monday Book Review: Around the Web

No Monday Book Review

  Apologies for no Monday Book Review.  The past week I’ve been working on marketing the Cookbook, making changes to this website and writing the third novel in the Rose Petal Wine Murder Mysteries Series.  Made changes to my facebook pages, my personal one is closed but the two book series pages are open to…… Continue reading No Monday Book Review