Tech Tuesday: Chromecast

I don't watch a whole lot of TV and do not have cable, so this maybe isn't the device for me, but I can see how those who are TVphiles would get a kick out of chromecast.  Imagine being able to watch any program you like anywhere on any device. Sit back, watch together With … Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Chromecast

Are Computers Sentient?

Sometimes, I swear computers are sentient beings.  They know when we're on a deadline, or need information PDQ/ASAP or when you're needing bank/bus/billing information, then the person on the phone tells you their computer went down. Ever happen to you?  Thought so. I was writing an article recently that had to be completed before a … Continue reading Are Computers Sentient?

Bookstores feeling pain from digital technologies

> by Rob Lever – Tue Feb 8, 2:10 am ET WASHINGTON (AFP) – Pundits might put a different spin on how and when it will happen but all see a struggle for survival by traditional booksellers thanks to a growing shift to electronic books and Internet sales. And eyes are on the current woes of large US book retailers for … Continue reading Bookstores feeling pain from digital technologies